Milagu rasam$3.99
Spicy fragrant soup is prepared mainly with crushed black pepper & tamarind.  

Tomato Shorba $3.99
South indian style mild spice tomato extract soup seasoned with indian herbs.  

Chicken shorba$3.99
Tomato based soup with chicken bone extract.  


Veg Appetizers

Vegetable samosa$3.99
potato & peas stuffed crispy turnover. 

Cut mirchi$6.99
Delicious chilli peppers cut & fried chickpea flour . 

Spinach & onion pakoda$5.99
batter fried vegetable crisps. 

Medu vada $5.99
Lightly spiced fried lentil donuts. 

Idly $4.99
Traditional steamed rice lentil cakes served with sambar and chutney. 

Poori masala $7.99
Whole wheat fluffy bread served with potato curry . 

Rice & lentil cooked with whole jeera & pepper corn . 

Channa batura$7.99
Chick peas curry served with leavened fried bread . 

Chilli gobi $9.99
Batter fried Cauliflower sauteed with onion, ginger, garlic chilli sauce . 

Chilli paneer $10.99
Batter fried cottage cheese sauted with special sauce . 

Mushroom pepper fry $9.99
Batter fried fungi sauteed in pepper sauce . 

Cauliflower 65 $9.99
Marinated spicy cauliflower deep fried . 

Bhel puri $5.99
Puffed rice with onion , tomato, chilly & spices. 

Aloo papdi chaat $5.99
Crispy wafers mixed with potatoes mint & tamarind sauce. 

Samosa chaat $6.99
Cut samosa patty served with garbanzo curry chutney & onion . 


Non-Veg Appetizers

Chicken-65$ $9.99
Boneless chicken cubes are well marinated in spices & deep fried. 

Mirapakai kodi (shrimp $14.99)$10.99
Marinated chicken cubes . 

Kodi vepudu$9.99
South indian chicken fry made with fresh ground spices . 

Drump of heaven $10.99
Batter fried chicken wings sauteed with sweet chilli sauce. 

Goat sukha fry$13.99
Goat pieces cooked in a typical indian style with selected spices. 

Shrimp pepper fry $13.99
Shrimp sauteed with selected blend of andhra spices cooked dry. 

Shrimp-65 $13.99
Jumbo prawns marinated & seasoned with southern aromatic spices & deep fried. 

Masala fried fish$13.99
Boneless fish pieces are marinated in delicious spices and deep fried . 

Tawa fish $16.99
Whole fish marinated and grilled with special spices. 


All Time Favorite Dosa's

Plain dosa (or) Paper roast $6.99
Plain thin rice & lentil crepe. 

Masala dosa (or) Paper masala $7.99
Thin rice crepe stuffed with seasoned potatos & onions. 

Onion chilli dosa $7.99
Rice crepe with onion toppings. 

Rava dosa (masala) $8.99
cryspy crepe made by semoline. 

Rava mysore masala dosa $8.99
Semoline crepe with layer of hot spice powder stuff with potato masala. 

Mysore dosa $7.99 (masala $8.99)
Rice crepe with layer of mysore powder with potato masala. 

Egg dosa $8.99
Thin rice crepe coated with beaten eggs . 

Onion chilli uttapam$7.99
Indian style pancake with onion chilli topping . 

Vegetable uttapam $7.99
Indian style pancake with vegetable topping . 

Supreme uttapam $8.99
Inidan style pancake with onion, chilli, tomato and vegetables . 

Chicken tikka dosa $9.99
crepe filled with chicken tikka and vegetables.  


Tandoori specials

Paneer Tikka $10.99
Home made cottage cheese grilled in clayoven with yogurt sauce & aromatic spices . 

Tandoori Chicken $10.99
Chicken marinated with yogurt sauce & grilled in clayoven. 

Chicken Tikka $9.99
Boneless white meat marianted with spices & grilled in clayoven. 

Chicken seekh kabab $8.99
Seasonal ground chicken grilled in tandoori clayoven. 

Tandoori shrimp $15.99
Shrimp cooked in clayoven with hot spices. 


Spice Palace Biryani's


Vegetable Dum Biryani $9.99
Indian garden fresh cut vegetables cooked with saffron basmathi rice in authentic dum style. 

Egg Biryani $10.99
Whole egg cooked with saffron basmathi rice and flavoured with herbs and spices . 

Egg Bhurji Biryani $11.99
Scrambled egg sauteed with biryani rice. 

Chicken Dum Biryani $11.99
Marinated chicken cooked with very special house spices and flavoured with indian herbs in saffron basmathi rice. 

Special Chicken Biryani $12.99
Boneless chicken pieces cooked in chilli sauce topping with hyderabad dum biryani. 

Chef Special Chicken Biryani/Goat Sukha biryani (signature Dish) $13.99/$15.99
Dum biryani with layer of kodi vepdu boneless pieces. 

Goat Biryani (With Bone) $13.99
Tender goat cubes cooked with saffron basmathi rice and fresh ground special spices and herbs. 

Shrimp Dum Biryani $13.99
Shrimp Pieces cooked in dum style with saffron basmathi flavoural rice. 

Kothu Parotta (Veg or Non-Veg)Veg $10.99/ Non-Veg $12.99
Grilled Parotta is shredded with bite size pieces and stir fried with Veg or Non-Veg along with other spices. 



Malai Kofta $10.99
fried dumling balls made with cottage cheese, potato ground spices cooked in creamy sauce . 

Paneer Tikka Masala/Paneer Butter Masala/Saag Paneer $10.99
Homemade cottage cheese cooked in rich creamy sauce  

Kadai Paneer $9.99
Cottage cheese cooked with bell peppers and onion in kadai gravy. 

Paneer Bhurji $10.99
Shredded cottage cheese cooked in rich onion gravy. 

Dal Tadka/Gongura Dal/Spinach Dal/Mango Dal $9.99
Yellow Lentils seasoned with indian spices . 

Vegetable Korma/Navratan Korma$8.99
Cut vegetable cooked in rich creamy sauce . 

Nilgiri/Chettinad/Gongura/Palak $8.99
Vegetable cooked in a traditional south indian style . 

Guttivankeya(Baingan )$8.99
Baby eggplant cooked with peanut seasoned seed & tamarind gravy. 

Chana Masala $8.99
Chickpeas cooked with onion and tomatoes and spices. 

Bhindi Masala/Fry$9.99/$10.99
Tender okra sauteed with onion & tomatoes . 

Aloo Gobi Curry $8.99
Combination of potato & cauliflower curry . 



Chicken Tikka Masala/Chicken Makhani $9.99
Chicken Tikka cooked in creamy tomato sauce. 

Pepper Chicken curry $9.99
Boneless chicken cooked southern style with ground black pepper. 

Chicken Adraki $9.99
Chicken cooked in ginger based onion gravy with scrambled egg. 

Keema Mutter $9.99
Chicken minced meat cooked in rich onion gravy with green peas . 

Gongura Chicken $10.99
Boneless chicken cooked in traditional indian curry sauce with Gongura Leaves (Sorrel Leaves). 

Chicken Vindaloo $9.99
Boneless chicken cooked with chilli tangy sauce . 

Kadhai Murg $9.99
Hot & Spicy chicken cooked in onion, tomatoes & bell peppers. 

Andhra Chicken Curry $9.99
South Indian Special dish cooked in spicy curry sauce with herbs &coconut milk.  

Saag Chicken $9.99
Boneless chicken pieces cooked in spinace and special spices.  

Chicken Chettinad/With Chicken Korma $9.99
Boneless chicken cooked with chettinad masala / korma made with creamy onion sauce . 

Coconut Chicken$9.99
Marinated chicken coooked with coconut creamy sauce and spices. 

Nilgiri Chicken $9.99
Chicken simmered in a blend of herbs, fresh mint, coriander leaves and spices . 

Egg Masala$9.99
Whole boiled eggs cooked in home made spices. 



Goat Curry $12.99
Tender goat pieces cooked in our homemade special curry sauce. 

Mutton Rogan Josh $12.99
Mutton pieces cooked in blend of kashmiri chilli and ginger sauce. 

Gongura Goat$13.99
Goat pieces cooked in a typical south indian curry sauce with gongura (sorrel leaf) leaf. 

Goat Chettinad$12.99
Goat cubes cooked with chettinad masala. 

Goat Khorma$12.99
Tender goat meat cooked in creamy coconut based sauce. 

Saag Goat $12.99
Goat cubes cooked in rich creamy sauce prepared by spinache and blended spices. 



Andhra Fish Curry $12.99
Selected fish pieces are simmred in tamarind pulp with andra style curry sauce. 

Fish Vindaloo $12.99
Boneless fish cooked in chilli tangy sauce. 

Fish Curry $12.99
Fish cooked with coconut milk and authentic spices. 

Machi Hariyali $12.99
Boneless fish pieces cooked with rich creamy spinach sauce. 

Goan Fish Curry $12.99
White fish cooked in a spice aromatic paste of red chilli and coconut with tamarind. 


SEAFOOD (Shrimp)

Shrimp Curry $12.99
Shrimp cooked in the traditional curry sauce. 

Gongura Royyalu $12.99
Shrimp cooked in south indian curry sauce with fresh sorrel leaves paste. 

Shrimp Tikka Masala $12.99
Jumbo shrimp cooked in tomato based creamy sauce. 


Tandoori Bread & Naan

Naan (Plain or Butter) $2.25
Traditional leavened white bread. 

Roti (Plain or Butter) $2.25
Unleavened whole wheat bread. 

Garlic Naan $2.99
Leavened white bread topping with garlic. 

Chilli Naan $2.99
White bread topping with chillies. 

Lacchha Paratha $2.99
Multi layered whole wheat bread . 

Onion/Paneer Kulcha $3.99
Stuffed bread with a choice of onion or cottage cheese. 

Aloo Paratha $3.99
White bread stuffed with Potato . 

Raitha $1.99

Papadam $1.99


Rice Specialities

Steamed Basmati Rice $2.99
Steamed fine basmati rice 

Tamarind Rice/Lemon/Jeera $6.99
Fine basmati rice cooked in different flavours 

Curd Rice $6.99
Rice mixed with yogurt and spices 


The Final Touch Category

Sheer Korma$4.99
Vermicelli Cooked in milk dry fruites and sugar  

Gulab Jamoon $3.99
Soft and Fluffy cheese balls dipped in sugar syrup. 

Rasmalai $5.99
Soft Paneer balls immersed in chilled creamy milk and seasoned with nuts.  

Double Ka meetha $5.99
Bread pudding soaked in hot milk with nuts and saffron.  

Tiranga Halwa $5.99
Carrot halwa, Beet root halwa and green squash halwa served with nuts.  



Chennai Coffee $1.99

Masala Tea $1.99

Mango Lassi $3.99

Sweet Lassi, Salt Lassi $2.99

Butter Milk (Majjiga) $1.99

Milk Shake or Ice cream-Vanilla,Chocolate,Sitafal $3.99



Lunch Combos

MONDAY TO FRIDAY 11:30 AM to 03:00 PM

Two Vegetable Curries, Naan, Rice & Dessert  

Two Non-Vegetable Curries, Naan, Rice & Dessert